Hello, welcome.

I'm Chris King and I'm currently studying towards my MEng degree in Software Engineering, at Aberystwyth University.

I study software because I love it. Software shapes the world we live in - be it in the way we communicate, the way we do business, or even the way we make new scientific discoveries, software now plays a critical role.

Currently I am working as a Software Developer in Wuerzburg, Germany, as part of my degree. I'm learning as much as I can off some really talented developers, and loving every second.

I try and maintain a tech blog, and am always looking for exciting new projects to work on. If you think you we might enjoy a conversation, please drop me a line via email or twitter.

Some projects that I've worked on.

Mobile Apps

Insight Magazine (iOS, Surface Rush Project)
Elite Magazine (iOS, Surface Rush Project)
Pirate GPS Game (Android, University Group Project)

Applications Development

Cartoon Maker (Java, University Group Project)
Ship Navigation Software (C, University Solo Project)
CLI-Based Game (Java, University Solo Project)

Web Design / Maintenance

Benjamin King (Personal Homepage)
Games Store (University Project)
General Site (University Project)
James Hickman and Dan Cassidy (Band Website)

Get in touch, anytime.

Email me: chris@surfacerush.co.uk

Skype me: chriskingnet

Or you can find me on a variety of social media applications: